A foot in the water.

My most recent cooking experiment: cheesy buffalo chicken dip. I’ve had a weird craving for this going on nearly three weeks now; weird, because I don’t even like buffalo sauce. But I digress.

With the Super Bowl approaching in combination with the lackluster enthusiasm my friends here hold for professional football (SEC  fans to the grave), a few girlfriends and I took the opportunity to turn the assumed Sunday atmosphere into a good old fashioned cook-off.

(And yes, that is a tidal creek view. It reached 80 that day – much of the afternoon was spent on the hosts’ dock soaking in the sun.)

A smoker filled with ribs and many dishes later, I think it’s safe to say that my spin on the above recipe was a hit. And I guess I’m starting to like buffalo sauce. Who knows, maybe I’ll branch out into wings next. Just kidding. (FYI – I HATE wings. They really freak me out.)