Toeing the diving board.

I used to do this years ago. LiveJournal, OpenDiary – you name it, I was there – eating up server space with my vapid, high-touch and overly emotional high school drama.

10 years later I think it’s permissible to say I’ve grown. After frantically ripping myself from my Northern upbringing in an attempt to get away from my juvenile mistakes and start fresh – more on that later, I’m sure – I moved to the glorious South, graduated college with a degree in graphic design and a minor in English literature, and got a full-time job at a major publishing company doing what I prefer to call art direction for book design.

Now I’m learning the ins-and-outs of being an “adult.” Crafting, cooking, and maybe even some gardening are in store. Dare I say I’ve turned into my mother? Please excuse the tasteless remark, but I’d rather slit my wrists.

Hold your breath, this could get messy…


About mess with the horns

damn yankee by birth, southern belle by choice

One response to “Toeing the diving board.

  1. I feel like I know you, but you could be six different people…might you reveal yourself?

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