A typical Sunday evening these days.


Toeing the diving board.

I used to do this years ago. LiveJournal, OpenDiary – you name it, I was there – eating up server space with my vapid, high-touch and overly emotional high school drama.

10 years later I think it’s permissible to say I’ve grown. After frantically ripping myself from my Northern upbringing in an attempt to get away from my juvenile mistakes and start fresh – more on that later, I’m sure – I moved to the glorious South, graduated college with a degree in graphic design and a minor in English literature, and got a full-time job at a major publishing company doing what I prefer to call art direction for book design.

Now I’m learning the ins-and-outs of being an “adult.” Crafting, cooking, and maybe even some gardening are in store. Dare I say I’ve turned into my mother? Please excuse the tasteless remark, but I’d rather slit my wrists.

Hold your breath, this could get messy…